Hello Everyone! .
Welcome to my Blog ‘ Beaded Dreams,

To start out with. This Blogging is a first for me, oh I know we always write small blogs about ourselves, when we open a shop, when we apply for jobs, when we meet new people, but this kind of blogging where you put your thinking and creating process in black and white, the baring of your soul,  what makes you tick. THAT, process is a new one for me.

So why Blog? Well to start out what motivated me to start, was joining Lori Anderson’s 7th annual Bead Soup Blog . Reading the instructions I saw  OMG! I need to have a blog! Now if your like me I love to talk about making jewelry, the process etc… but after a while people get that glazed look in there eyes and ‘POW! head smacking realization, TMI, Too much information, so after awhile you stop sharing and keep your joy of creating to yourself, and make do with the lovely compliments . 🙂 So bear with me please in my attempts to share my joys and sorrows of the never boring process of jewelry making.

      A little about myself. My name is Deanna Collette Cox. My business is ‘Collette’s Designs’

        I have as of this month been married to the same man for 37 years and 8 months, I’m a mother of seven grown children. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren. I live in the country in Beautiful Kentucky about 45 min south of downtown Louisville, Ky. Have a cute little house backed up next to a state forests. I garden , preserve what we grow and we have animals, Little Rabbits , Pot Belly pigs and some chickens.
I love art and crafts of all kinds. I started out sewing at a young age, that led to crocheting, embroidery, a failed attempt at knitting 😦 , some lessons in drawing and a dabble in painting.
In my 30’s I was a stay at home Mom and wanted to find some other craft / art to teach myself. I went to our local public Library and browsed around in the craft isle. Lo and behold our tiny Library had several books on string beads.
Did I say I love Jewelry ? I love draping colors and textures and sparkle on my body. As read and looked at the instructions, I Thought ‘I can do this’ and sent off for some supplies. After that’ VOILA’! I had a way to make money in my spare time, as well as jewelry for my girls and myself (6 total) and presents for friends.
After becoming proficient at string and wire looping, making matching earrings, i wondered what else was there in the line of Jewelry making I could conquer. Back to the local Library, this time I headed for the inner Library loan and ordered several books in different areas of jewelry making.
When I got to the silversmithing, I was in love! and ordered many books on the subject, knew the tools and so again I spread my wings and learned bench work, stone setting and so on through much trial and error.
5 years later I opened a brick and mortar studio/ bead store and offered silver work and repair along with a selection of beads and custom designs.  I did craft / art shows and had a blast. Now I have taken up off loom bead weaving
My health no longer allows me the stimulation of meeting all my customers in person. But I have had an Etsy bead shop since 2007 and before that sold bead on Ebay for about 5 years.
I have been selling and making Jewelry for the last 20 odd years and have a good following that buy my designs. I hope that those of you that come visit will leave links to your blogs so I can have the pleasure of viewing your work. I hope as I learn all that this blog site offers that I can share fully in this unique endeavor.  Cheers to all and keep those creative juices flowing! Deanna



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