Turmi Challange

Turmi Challange

Turmi Challange

Photo: by Dini Bruinsma, Turmi Challenge photo

Please take a minute and visit her wonderful website



This was enjoyable! This challenge was to make a piece of jewelry inspired by a picture. I had seen where other artist had done this, but I myself, in 25 years of making jewelry had never tried it. When I saw the picture, I thought immediately of some bone beads I had. Guess what? I didn’t use them! They were the right color but when I started pulling out what I had in my stash they weren’t going to fit into the balance of things.

What I did settle on was the bone and silver tone brooch that I used for the pendant. I had bought that brooch in the early 1990’s the clasp had shirred off, ;-( I really liked the bone in it. I always thought I would redo it in sterling. I’d get  it out periodically and put it on the bench to do something with it, then it would get put away. So when I saw the picture I knew the time had come to use it. I decide to bezel it with seed beads . The matte metallic khaki iris Miyuki seed beads had  the shades of browns, golds and purples I saw in the picture. I found the tricky part was using the red. I wanted to incorporate it but I found it easily became a jarring element in the design, so realizing when there was just the right amount was a challenge. But finally I was satisfied, just enough red for a little excitement.

The second element I was excited to use was the copper tubing. It is a vintage piece age unknown. I know it is no longer used in construction. They use aluminum pipe now. When dear husband was cleaning up the outside of the place we live in now, he had buckets of metal that he separated out to sell for scrap.’ I spied with my little eye’, (LOL!) this piece of tubing sticking out of one of the buckets,. (MINE!)  so it has sat on the shelf waiting patiently for it’s time to come :-). So out came the torch and the saw. Cut mangled part off, then cut to length, oops! too long for the design I had in mind, cut again… Ahhhhh that’s it! sand rough edges got to feel good to delicate skin. then torch until crisp several times. cool sand some, rub with car wax buff to a glow… Viola! ready for use 🙂

Pulling everything together in the strand part of the necklace that too had it’s challenges . I really love the way that they stack the silver bracelets on their arms and legs. Wire wrapping the copper tubing was one way that I could emulate that , but I thought the silver beads used intermittently with the Miyuki beads supported the look.  I also wanted to incorporate the red in the neck part so the eye would be drawn upwards, but it took doing one side and then discarding it and restarting another to be satisfied. It just needed touches of the red to keep things interesting and cohesive. Finish off with a handmade clasp.

All In all I really enjoyed the experience. As I explore other challenges I’m hoping to grow as an artist. That feeling of expressing whats deep inside, isn’t always about what is the most marketable, but making something that please the unseen part of you and is also visually inviting to others. Thank you Dini Bruinsma for such an inspiring picture and to  BSC for opening the door.


16 thoughts on “Turmi Challange

  1. coffeelizard

    What a lovely piece ! You did such a great job salvaging piece that you worked together to flow together smoothly. It was truly a ‘journey’ to decide which things would match-up to become beautiful . The center portion caught my eye immediately as gas hook-up, but figured I imagined it until I read further….GREAT upscaled portion of the anchor to the necklace focal portion !!! Wow! lotsa elbow grease in addition to the car wax… Thanks for the wonderful step-by-step explanation so the piece is appreciated even MORE !

  2. Dawn Broyles

    Impressed. Truly, my dear friend. And your necklace completely mimics the feelings I get when I look at the photo. In your piece, I me see Africa and the young hunters, in all their dress and glory, ready for the hunt, or ceremony. It causes a ‘feeling’ and not just ‘visual’ sensation. Very beautiful, and a very well written article. I loved reading about your journey. One never knows what treasures will come from a bucket of stuff from the yard, huh? Can’t wait to see your next piece! Love you, Dawn

  3. Dolores

    Your necklace is gorgeous and loved reading about your process of how you made it too. I see you to salvage pieces that would be tossed to fit into your jewelry making. Always fun doing that for that extra special touch.

    1. deannaaki Post author

      I never thought of blogging before. Writing was never a strong point with me. But to join the Bead Soup Blog party i needed a blog. I have a ton of pictures of my stuff on my FB psge and have been transfering them here. I wish i had pictures of everything i had ever made the last 25 wears. Thanks for the nice comment. It’s very encouraging

    1. deannaaki Post author

      Thank you Linda it was my very first challenge I enjoyed it thoroughly. Im getting ready to announce the next one today on the BSC. Maybe I’ll see you there. Dee

    1. deannaaki Post author

      Heidi, I agree it was a very stimulating thing to do. I hosting one now on FB Bead Soup Cafe. It might be a pix that you might want to try. The winner gets a small gift and gets to be the next hostess! Yes it was fun. 😉

  4. Carole Early

    Deanna I remembered your middle name..found your lovely site..do you have a pic of our mutual gchild..I heard there was a special day in her life…If you can’t I understand…love Carole


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